Electronic Music Star GRiZ Rolls Out Love Letter To Weed Culture With Launch of Two Cannabis Lines

Telescope and Astro Hippie

August 26, 2021Today GRiZ aka Grant Kwiecinski announced the launch of two premium cannabis lines –the nationally available, CBD brand, Telescope and the THC focused, Astro Hippie, debuting in Michigan.

Growing up in Southfield, Michigan, Grant Kwiecinski has been an outspoken advocate for cannabis, even as he's risen from playing small clubs to selling out amphitheaters. He’s known the cannabis industry for decades, and previously dropped a bud collab, GRiZ Kush, back in 2017. Since then he's been working to create his own lines that pair his values with exceptional products and an embrace of the DIY culture he has been immersed in for years. 

As his knowledge of the marijuana plant has grown, so has GRiZ’s understanding and appreciation of its medicinal benefits, which led to the CBD line, Telescope, a range of products which aims to bring wellness into focus. GRiZ is a huge proponent of using cannabis for pain relief, stress relief, and relaxation and with Telescope he’s created an exceptionally high quality CBD range that allows users of all types to benefit from the plant without having to blast off. 

 On the other end of the spectrum, Astro Hippie is a window into the stoner culture of yesteryear, a top-shelf, tantalizingly potent series of flower strains geared towards experimenters and tokers who want to explore life in maximum color; who want to listen to music that tickles their ears and blows their minds; who want to road trip in a beat up van and crank mixtapes. It's a love letter to the weed culture GRiZ grew up in, and a deliberate rebuttal to the pristine, faceless, private equity brands that are sprouting up post-legalization.